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Unlike traditional colorless diamonds, colored diamonds come in all sorts of colors. All diamonds are formed from carbon molecules deep in the Earth's core. Through heat and pressure, these carbon molecules turn into diamonds. Naturally colored diamonds get their color when other elements are trapped in this process. Different elements and concentrations of these elements provide different colors and hues.


Blue and Gray Diamonds

It is said that one out of every 200,000 diamonds contain the color blue. It is thought that the element Boron gives blue and gray diamonds their color.


Red, Pink, and Brown Diamonds

Scientists believe that these diamonds owe their color due to the pressure diamonds were exposed to when traveling to the earth's surface. This process trapped electrons which produce shades of red, pink, and brown. Red diamonds are extremely rare and most are deeply hued pink diamonds.



Orange and Yellow Diamonds

It is thought that the element Nitrogen is introduced in the formation process to make orange and yellow colored diamonds.



Green Diamonds

When green diamonds exit the Earth, it is believed that the natural radiation in the rocks gives them their green color. 



Purple Diamonds

It is thought that the element Hydrogen is introduced in the formation process to make purple colored diamonds.

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