Gems by Pancis Company History

In the early 1980's, natural color diamonds had been reserved only for the royalty for centuries. King Baudouin of Brussels enjoyed their prominence in his crown jewels, being served in his pursuit of these rare and precious diamonds by his personal cutter, Harry Polleckeviv of Antwerp. Jeff Pancis, of New Jersey, desired to enter the diamond market as a buyer. His wife, Audrey Pancis asked her father to inquire of her Uncle Kurt Grunebaum who served as a journalist and trusted a friend to King Baudouin.  Perhaps he knew someone who could make an introduction for Jeff. 

This image is a photograph of the Journalist to the king, Kurt Gruenebaum and King Baudouin taken in 1969. Kurt Grunebaum is pictured on the far left speaking to King Baudouin on the far right.

Kurt Gruenebaum replied by poet in German to Jeff Pancis that he was to fly to Brussels. Upon landing, to Jeff's surprise, he was summoned to deplane ahead of the rest of the passengers. Kurt and his Citroen Coupe awaited on the tarmac of the base of the stairs. Jeff and Kurt drove directly to the palace where King Baudouin welcomed Jeff personally and gave him a sealed letter of introduction to Harry Polleckeviv in Antwerp. In the years that followed, master diamond cutter Polleckeviv began to introduce and educate Jeff to natural color diamonds.


Today, Gems by Pancis focuses on spreading the beauty, knowledge, and rarity of natural color diamonds through the elegant designs and loose diamond inventory that has been developed. Our vision is to transition the art of fine jewelry with natural color diamonds. These diamonds are rare, always one-of-a-kind, and no two colors are ever the 100% the same. These attributes allow Gems by Pancis to create an identity that is unique to every customer.


Gems by Pancis promises to provide exceptional price points for natural color diamonds that the world has never seen. It is our duty to eliminate the obscurity of natural color diamonds and provide ways to spread the beauty to your customers.


Please visit our collections to learn more about our styles. 

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