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Exotic & Exquisite Dealership Divison

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Natural color diamonds have been reserved only for royalty for centuries. Our entry into this exclusive market was from the King of Belgium, King Baudouin. King Baudouin of Brussels enjoyed his prominence in his crown jewels, being served in his pursuit of these rare and precious diamonds by his personal cutter, Harry Polleckeviv of Antwerp.


Jeff Pancis of New Jersey desired to enter the diamond market as a buyer. His wife, Audrey Pancis asked her father to inquire of her Uncle Kurt Gruenebaum who served as a journalist and trusted friend to King Baudouin.


Kurt Gruenebaum replied by poet in German to Jeff Pancis that he was to fly to Brussels. Upon landing, to Jeff's surprise, he was summoned to deplane ahead of the rest of the passengers. Kurt and his Citroen Coupe awaited on the tarmac of the base of the stairs. Jeff and Kurt drove directly to the palace where King Baudouin welcomed Jeff personally and gave him a sealed letter of introduction to Harry Polleckeviv in Antwerp. In the years that followed, master diamond cutter Polleckeviv began to introduce and educate Jeff to natural color diamonds.

Today, with over 40 years of honorable business Kyle Pancis, Jeff and Audrey's youngest son, has taken over their legacy. Kyle is extremely passionate about the business and has always been a "gear" head. The love for cars, planes, and yachts has always been an obsession.


In today's market many who purchase an exotic car, yacht, or plane often purchase a watch to go along with the collection. This division of our company is designed to partner with many of those dealerships to introduce rare and collectible diamonds to their clients. 


Our partnership with each dealership will allow them access to the rarest and most valued natural colors that the earth gifts us! Our products can range from $50,000 all the way into the multi-millions! 


Each of these rare and beautiful diamonds can be part of the collection, a gift, or just a way to add a rare asset to one's estate.  It is a great way to pair the collection together for resale.

Kyle and McLaren.png

Kyle Pancis in McLaren 720S

Aston Martin JR-086.png

Kurt Gruenebaum on the Left, King Baudouin Right

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