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Gems by Pancis diamond collection consists of RARE fancy colored diamonds the wholesale market has to offer. We feature the most sought after Argyle Pink Diamonds. From reds, pinks, and blue diamonds we have been serving our clients for over FOUR Decades. In addition, we also feature fancy yellow diamonds, fancy brown diamonds, and other color diamonds. Contact us today to learn how we can consult with you about our products.


One of a Kind.

Natural Color Diamonds.

Of the 20 million carats of rough diamonds that are produced annually, less than 0.1% is pink. Argyle pink diamonds are rare; in fact, they are beyond rare. With just an estimated half a decade of supply remaining in the mine, as time passes the Argyle pink diamond becomes evermore precious.

Although the Argyle mine supplies approximately 90% of the world's pink diamonds, astonishingly, a whole year's worth of production of stones over half a carat would fit in the palm of your hand. The larger rare violet diamonds would barely fill a teaspoon. Hence, they are highly sought after by investors, collectors, jewelers and their customers, and celebrities.

Prized by all who possess them; revered for their unique provenance, intrinsic beauty, and extreme rarity.

Some Argyle pink diamonds never even make it into a jewelry setting - rather, they are purchased by collectors and held as an heirloom for future generations. Argyle Pink diamonds are beyond rare...

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Cut to perfection


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Gems by Pancis is sold through our exclusive dealer network. To view a retailer near you, click on the link below.


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Gems by Pancis offers many collections to suit individual tastes and budgets. Feel free to view a sample of our collections.


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New to naturally colored diamonds? Educate yourself about the science behind of what makes our diamonds special.

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